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Cadmium Electroplating

Cadmium Plating adds a layer of very high corrosion resistance when applied to bare metals. The cadmium is electrodeposited on the metal article from an electrolyte solution of cadmium salts in barrels or vats.

Cadmium plating uses are limited due to its toxicity, but it is used extensively in aerospace, defense, and especially in marine applications, as it is the preferred surface treatment and finishing service for saline environments.


  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • Excellent bonding characteristics
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Outstanding conductivity
  • Superior solderability
  • Excellent natural lubricity for moving parts
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Twice the corrosion resistance of zinc for same thickness

Certification to a variety of specifications, including:

  • QQ-P-416
  • AMS 2401

ATF Services

  • Selective masking
  • Post plating bake for hydrogen embrittlement relief
  • Salt Spray and adhesion testing
  • Phosphate seal for paint adhesion
  • Normal turn time is three to five working days (without masking)
  • Masking may increase turn time
  • Expediting available, when possible for an additional fee