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Metal Finishing Company

Advanced Technical Finishing (ATF) is a high-end metal finishing company located in Huntsville, Alabama. With a wide spectrum of capabilities, we help the following industries with their mission critical components:

Aerospace, Military Defense, Medical, Gas and Oil, Manufacturing and other commercial businesses. 

In order to work with these different industries, we must maintain the highest quality and highest standards when it comes to not only our metal finishing capabilities, but also customer service. We are certified in a wide variety of specifications in different industries.

Our areas of expertise include electroplating, electroless nickel plating, paint and coating, anodizing, mechanical and chemical surface preparation, and quality testing abilities. 

Metal Finishing For Your Industry

No matter if your component involved an automobile or tank, the wing of a plane or a knee-joint, we understand the magnitude of our responsibility to your parts and you. We provide high-end precision, premium coatings, because we recognize how essential your components are to you and the job at hand.

Military Defense Metal Finishing

Military & Defense

We ensure that all military components we touch leave our business entirely fail-safe and ready to operate at the highest peak of performance. This is the best way we know how to support our military and troops, and we understand the importance of high-quality metal finishing services on your parts and equipment.

Aerospace Metal Finishing


Excessive pressure, corrosive conditions and intense temperature fluctuations are just a couple of things components in the Aerospace industry have to be able to withstand. ATF has customizable approaches that meet component function and compliance requirements and can withstand extreme conditions. 

Medical Metal Finishing


At ATF, we understand that unmatched quality and precision are of the utmost importance when it comes to instruments and implants in the medical industry. We can help with a variety of needs including corrosion resistance, hardening and strengthening of components, conductivity, dry lubrication, reduced friction, thermal stability and anti-microbial coatings. 

Gas and Oil Metal Finishing

Gas & Oil

Manufacturers in the gas and oil industries rely heavily on metal finishing services to prolong the lifespan of their products and protect them. Our team has extensive experience with plating equipment that enhances OEM components. We also specialize in corrosion resistance treatments to protect against wear and tear.

Metal Finishing Services

ATF has an expanding set of comprehensive services. This list is not comprehensive of all of our capabilities, but the highlights of services we offer. Contact us for any of your potential needs and we can discuss a customized solution for your problem.


Anodizing is used for a variety of needs including preventing tarnishing, increasing durability of the component and to maintain a component’s appearance cosmetically. It is most frequently used on aluminum surfaces for strengthening and aesthetic purposes. We offer Type I, Type II and Type III anodizing services. Learn more about the different types of anodizing here

Abrasive Cleaning

Components must be cleaned and abraded before any surface treatment can be applied. ATF offers several different abrasive cleaning methods such as Grit Abrasive Cleaning, Glass Bead Abrasive Cleaning and Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cleaning. Learn more about the different types of abrasive cleaning services we offer here

Black Oxide Coating

ATF offers black oxide metal plating and finishing service which adds corrosion resistance, minimizes light reflection and enhances the overall appearance of steel, copper and most stainless steel. Black oxide coating has many different uses in the military, aerospace, firearms and gas and oil industries. Learn more about our black oxide coating service here

Cadmium Electroplating

When applied to bare metals, cadmium electroplating offers very high corrosion resistance. The uses for cadmium electroplating are scarce due to its high level of toxicity, however, it is frequently used in aerospace, military defense, and marine environments. Learn more about the benefits of cadmium electroplating here

Electroless Nickel Plating

Another speciality of ATF’s is electroless nickel plating. ENP offers high corrosion resistance to hydrogen sulphide, salt water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. There are several different types of electroless nickel plating that contain different levels of phosphorus in order to achieve the desired end result. You can read more about the plating process, the benefits and examples of potential uses here

Non-Destructive Testing

Aerospace NDT and dye penetrant testing are used to evaluate the different properties of a component, material or system without causing damage. These tests can reveal any voids, cracks, and inclusions in mission critical components in the aerospace and military defense industries. Learn more about Non-Destructive Testing by ATF here

Paint & Powder Finishing

ATF’s team specializes in many different coating and finishing applications including paint and powder, chemical agent resistant coating, chem and dry film lubricant coatings. There are a variety of coating needs in the military, aerospace, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries that we can help with. Learn more about our coating capabilities here


Passivation is the process of making the surface of a material less affected by natural environmental factors such as air and water. Impurities developed after welding or fabrication are removed during this process, returning the surface to its original state, before machining. Learn more about our passivation service here

Phosphate Coatings

ATF offers two different types of phosphate coatings that help prevent galling and for break-in lubrication. Those types are Manganese Phosphate Coatings and Zinc Phosphate Coatings. Phosphate coatings are most commonly used on carbon steel, low-alloy steel and cast iron. ‘Parkerizing Treatments’ and ‘Parco Lubrite’ are also other names for this service. Learn more about the process and benefits of phosphate coatings here

Zinc Electroplating

The traditional plating method for corrosion protecting is zinc electroplating. It is most commonly used for smaller parts such as bolts, screws and other fasteners. Learn more about the zinc electroplating process and benefits here

As mentioned above, these are only a handful of services we offer here at ATF. We are equipped to handle small and large metal finishing projects for even the most demanding components. Contact us today and see how our metal finishing company can help you and your business.