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Plating, Coating, & Finishing Services

ATF has an extensive and expanding set of comprehensive services. Even this list is not comprehensive of all of our capabilities. Contact us for any of your potential needs and we likely have a solution for your problem. We are your metal finishing company.



Using electrochemical conversion, anodizing is used to increase the durability of a component.


Paint & Powder Finishing

We specialize in the application of coatings used in military, aerospace, and commercial applications.


Zinc Electroplating

By using an electric current to apply a fine layer of a metal to a prepared metal surface. 

electroless nickel plating

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless Nickel Plating is a self-sustaining chemical process used to deposit a coating of nickel on a solid surface.



The passivation process involves making the surface of a material “passive”, that is, less affected by environmental factors for better long-term use.


Black Oxide Coatings

Black Oxide is a conversion used to add corrosion resistance, minimize light reflection & enhance the appearance of materials. 


Phosphate Coatings

We provide this service of non-metallic treatments to prevent galling and for break-in lubrication.


Abrasive Cleaning

We clean and abrade in order to prepare the surface for the optimum mechanical bond.


Cadmium Electroplating

Cadmium Plating adds a layer of very high corrosion resistance when applied to bare metals.


Non Destructive Testing

Our no-damage processes help reveal possible cracks, voids, and inclusions in critical aerospace parts.