ATF Welcomes 


as Quality Director

Originally from the Huntsville area, Bill Morgan worked at J&A Enterprises as a young man in the late 80s for 4 years, working his way from blasting all the way up to lab technician.

Bill then left for California to learn new, emerging finishing techniques. He quickly landed a job at General Magnaplate California - well known for coatings in the aerospace industry.

Some of the notable projects he worked on during his tenure were the Pegasus Project Remote Control Rocket, the International Space Station, and the Mars Pathfinder.

Bill moved to Alliance Finishing and Manufacturing as a QA/QC manager from 1997 to 2018, just shy of 20 years. His latest project there was a green process for plating plastics called GreenPOP.

Thirty years later, Bill is returning to the very same shop he worked in as a young man, now Advanced Technical Finishing. He holds the role of Quality Director with a myriad of responsibilities.

We are excited to call Bill Morgan a member of the team and our new Quality Director here at ATF.