Metal Finishing

Meets The

Healthcare Industry

Metal finishing meets the many challenges the medical device industry faces—strict sanitation, reliability, varying size—all while providing optimal performance.

At ATF, we understand that unmistakable quality in the production of your medical equipment is essential, and we are ready to meet a variety of needs: hardening or strengthening of components, corrosion resistance, conductivity, reduced friction, dry lubrication, thermal stability and anti-microbial coatings.

Nickel is typically the metal of choice for electroless nickel plating in medical applications. The electroless nickel coating offers superior as-plated hardness, which can be further enhanced if needed. The nickel is co-deposited with phosphorous, offering the benefit of increased lubricity. Altering the level of the phosphorus can make the coating less or more magnetic.

Benefits of electroless nickel plating for medical device coating purposes include increased corrosion protection and greater resistance to most anesthetics.

Commitment from the metal finishing industry and individual metal finishers to improve the finishing process is key to supporting the medical device manufacturing industry.

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